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Juvenile crimes have received much media attention in recent weeks after several high-profile incidents, including a woman who was struck with boards in South Baltimore, teen boys who were assaulted and robbed while trick-or-treating in Homeland, and a New Jersey family that was assaulted last month while visiting the Inner Harbor. “We have to look at it differently and hold them accountable.”That sentiment was echoed by City Councilman Eric T. This is kids using violent weapons to attack innocent people. Asked by The Sun for details, her office released a letter Mosby wrote Friday to Gov.

Maryland law requires that juveniles who are accused of some serious violent crimes — such as murder, carjacking and armed robbery — face charges in the adult system.

But judges may grant waivers for those youths to be tried, instead, in the juvenile system.

The Immediate Charging Project is essential to effective juvenile case processing within the juvenile justice system as it currently exists in Baltimore City.“Arrests of juveniles accused of crimes are down this year compared with last year, but Baltimore officials say those for serious crime are up.

In the letter, Mosby said that “many of the City’s unsolved violent offenses are believed to have been committed by juveniles.”“My staff and I regularly attend community meetings where we routinely hear from City residents who are incensed over the number of juvenile crimes occurring in their neighborhoods and the City’s seeming inability to effectively and swiftly tackle the issue,” she wrote.

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